10 Best Runs

If I ever compile a list of great runs, Spring Lake, New Jersey would be in the top 10. Spring Lake is a beautiful, elegant, well-mannered town on the Jersey shore — Plenty of old (and new) money, no Snookie here!

The boardwalk runs for 2 miles over the length of the Spring Lake ocean front. As a matter of fact, it is the longest, non-commercial boardwalk on the Jersey Shore. Today I started at the south end and ran north. It was great, pretty homes to my left and the Atlantic Ocean to my right. It was early and there was a warm breeze blowing toward me, keeping me cool. Of course once I turned around at the Spring Lake/Belmar town line, I was left with the heat and no breeze. It was hot, but I kept looking out at the ocean and I knew that since it was still early and the beach wasn’t yet open, so still free (it’s a NJ thing), I could run down and get my feet wet at the end of the run.

Even though I would get sand in my shoes, and to quote Larry David, “sand stays in your shoes for 100 years”. I went ahead and walked down to the ocean and got splashed up to my shorts! Ah did that feel good…and the water was warmer than it EVER gets in NH!


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