A Favorite Run — Newcastle, NH

In a prior post, I described one of my favorite runs — on the boardwalk in Spring Lake, NJ. Today I want to add the Newcastle, NH to my list of favorites. What a wonderful run!
From my house it is a nice 1/2 mile warm up to downtown Portsmouth, running into town, past the shops and restaurants to the North Church in Market Square.

From there onto Marcy Street, and past Prescott Part and the beautiful gardens.

Leaving Portsmouth, it is on to Newcastle. Running into Newcastle, the route takes us along the Piscataqua River, and over 3 bridges spanning the back channels. It is truly breathtaking.

Along with the views of the river and quaint cottages, you even see the old Navy Prison (looks like a castle doesn’t it!).

This route is an out and back, so after the third bridge, you turn around and run back into Portsmouth. Again, the view of the south end of the city is wonderful — the old fishing village with the brightly colored houses helps you imagine what the area was like in the 1700’s


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