Half Marathon Here we Come!

I am feeling good. I am feeling strong and ready for the Seacoast Half Marathon on November 13! We have been eeking up our miles week by week. And on Saturday we ran 10 miles of the course. At this point I have run bits and pieces of the full course, and it looks great. A few rather long hills one around mile 8 and then the entire last mile, but apart from that, it is relatively flat! The route heads out toward the ocean at Wallis Sands, and then all around Newcastle, along the Piscataqua (Pis-CAT-a-Quwa) River.

The key to my successful training has really been the discipline and camaraderie of the Runner’s Alley Training Group. It is so much easier to put on your sneakers when it is raining, or now when it is getting dark, when you know you have a group of people doing the same! Misery loves company? No it’s more than that. Working toward a goal along with other people is empowering. I want each and every runner in the group to run the half marathon and finish strong!


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