Weigh This

I bought a scale today.  You may recall I got mad at mine and threw it away quite some time ago.  And now, since the gym I go to doesn’t think it is wise to have a scale in the locker room, (I guess it is too “judgmental”),  I have been scale-less for a while.

Well I’ve been exercising and eating well, and my clothes have been fitting better, so I figured it was safe to purchase a scale ….

Last night I got on the scale and wasn’t at all happy with the result (or lack of results).  I know, “it’s only a number”, “what matters is how you feel”, yeah I know.  but I’ll feel better if that  number moved in a downward direction.  I decided I’d try again in the morning.  This morning’s result was a bit better, down about 3 pounds since the fall when I started really concentrating on eating well.  I’d like to lose 3 more pounds, but I’ll give myself to mid-April or so as that is a healthy weight loss of about 1/2 a pound a week.


2 responses to “Weigh This

  1. Claire Cappetta

    If you are going to the gym and getting fitter then you’d be gaining muscle mass, this weighs more than fat, so if that’s the case you lost weight but gained muscle, so really your scales aren”t telling the whole truth?…just a thought…

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