My Love/Hate Relationship with Planet Fitness

Perhaps a love/hate relationship is a little strong, it is more of a like/dislike.  I find that there are soooo many little things that annoy me and yet one big thing that makes it all bearable.  Let’s start with the positive:

Planet Fitness Likes:

It is cheap — Only $10 a month, and you can quit any time.  Since I also have a membership to a yoga studio, $10 for a gym membership is comfortable.

Another positive is that they have a lot of cardio equipment — treadmills, ellipticals, stair-steppers, and bikes, and there is no time limit on the equipment

Planet Fitness Dislikes: 

The colors — uggh, yellow and fuchsia!  Really?  The first time I went into Planet Fitness to check it out I was fit by the clashing colors and got dizzy.  I left with out joining!

doctor-scaleThe  “No Judgment” policy seems to include no scales in the locker rooms.

No judgment” also appears to mean no one walking around helping people.  I have seen people performing all sorts of dangerous moves!  

The newly renovated gym now includes 5 Smith machines but NO Bench pressbars for dead-lifts, squats or bench presses!  As a matter of fact the Smith Machine forces an unnatural movement putting more stress on your body.

And while we are on “No Judgment” — Aren’t they being VERY Judgmental by making fun of those people who are actually at the gym for body building?  (lunks as PF likes to refer to them?)

No emphasis on stretching.  Except for a narrow area along the side stretching cage of the cardio equipment there is no space designated for stretching.   The stretching equipment includes a stack of mats.  But if you were to put out a mat, no one else could get by to  use the space.


There is only 1 set of 3 lb. and 5 lb weights.  No problem if you are the only one who wants to use them but come on, how much room can another set of 3 lb dumbbells take?  I know what you’re thinking how can I be complaining about no power rack and also not enough 3 lb and 5 lb weights?   Well lighter weights are useful for warming up shoulders and forearms, and for people recovering from injuries.

And the biggest culprit — PIZZA!!  It turns out that once a month, Planet Fitness has pizza brought in which they give out to members for free.  (I hear that they also bring in donuts on some days, luckily I haven’t been there to experience that.)  I’m sorry, this is wrong on so many levels!


10 responses to “My Love/Hate Relationship with Planet Fitness

  1. Wow! When I was first reading, I thought, $10–that sounds really good. But as I read on, I thought–what are they thinking???!!!! Is this a gym or…??? The pizza and donuts took the cake. Pun intended. 🙂
    When I hear stuff like this, I’m glad I workout at home.
    Good review. You should make sure Planet Fitness decision-makers read this. They should.

  2. Pizza at a gym seems very odd to me, especially at a chain gym. I used to go to a local gym (so local the owner was there on a regular basis). There was a good vibe and all that. Even then pizza was something that never made it into the gym.

    • Very odd indeed! It seems counterproductive, especially when paired with the fact that there are no scales in the locker rooms. Perhaps some trail mix, or nuts, or fresh fruit might be an more appropriate treat!

  3. Its aggravating when facilities and organizations run like this- they have no real concern about helping people or delivering quality, but rather just want to make as much money as possible. NO bars?! Are you kidding? I can understand why you’d sign up for the low cost, but that’s pretty ridiculous.

  4. With fitness being very promiment in society, I am surprised at the way this gym runs its businss. It just goes to show you that you get what you pay for.

    • I’ve mentioned the pizza thing to some member, and THEY LIKE IT!!! “”They say, well I don’t have time for dinner if I come to the gym so I can eat here”. It really goes to show that people make bad food choices

  5. Practice “moderation ” and live a lot longer. I love the place! Easy in – easy out, nice friendly staff, spelling lessons on Tuesdays, and I have NO problem with the pizza…the damn stuff is good! Your cholesterol, fatty acids, lipids, blood pressure, pulse, and eye blinks are NOT affected by a couple slices of pizza…as long as you don’t eat that every day. Best of all are the grape Tootsie Rolls! Gracie…chill, puppy.

    • Oh yeah, and I forgot the candy they give out at the front desk —- UGGHHH

      And I beg to differ on your opinion of pizza, perhaps you should look back on my previous posts about dairy!

  6. Uggh, yellow and fuchsia….as if it isn’t hard enough to get motivated on occasion!

  7. I must admit, I was wrong. Planet Fitness does now have a stretching area, complete with two stretching machines. I used them tonight after my workout. Much better!

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