A Change in Plans

Over the years, I’ve gotten more and more comfortable in my own skin…being alone with myself…doing things on my own…being independent. Perhaps one of my New Year’s resolutions will be to branch out and do more things on my own. Especially those things I want to do that maybe others don’t or can’t do with me.

OK starting tonight. A set of circumstances has found me in a lovely hotel on the coast of Maine and dinner reservations at a local restaurant. However, my dinner companion is down for the count with a sudden illness. Soooo, rather than simply cancel my reservation, I changed it from 2 people at 8:00pm to 1 person at 5:30.

As a matter of fact I have an opened, bottle of fabulous wine (Henschke, Hill of Grace, 2001) — can’t let that go to waste. I think I will have a glass before dinner.

Wow, going out to dinner by myself on New Year’s Eve.

Yes I can do this.


4 responses to “A Change in Plans

  1. Awesome wine and have fun at dinner. Rock on into 2013. 🙂

  2. So sorry your dinner companion fell ill, but I hope you had a wonderful time anyway! When I first moved to VB, I went out alone all the time. Now, I don’t do it nearly as much, but I love to take myself out to a delicious dinner and splurge on a nice glass of wine or dessert. Brings back memories, and sometimes it’s just relaxing and nice to be alone. Happy new year!! =)

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