Cutting out Plastics or Going Back to the 50’s

As I wrote in a previous post, plastic is all around us and it can have some serious adverse health effects.

Cutting out plastics in our lives will not be easy.  Plastic is everywhere!  Even our sunglasses frames are plastic! But there are a lot of small things we can do which will be better for our health, better for the environment and will save us money.  Many of these ideas are  simply things that our grandparents did on a regular basis.  I welcome your ideas, maybe if we all implement one or two, we can live healthier and help the environment while we are at it.

  • Use paper bags, or better yet reusable cloth bags, for groceries. — I try to remember my bags when I go into the store.
  • Buy milk and juice in glass jars or tetra paks. — As I buy Almond or Coconut Milk and they come in paper cartons, this is an easy one for me.  
  • Use glass containers for storing food. — I really have to invest in some of these.  I’m still using cheap plastic!
  • Buy fresh foods rather than packaged foods that come in plastic trays with plastic wrap.  — I do buy mostly fresh food, but now that I think about it, I have some mushrooms in my refrigerator that came on a plastic tray with plastic wrap, and I always put my fresh fruits and veggies in the plastic bags, Hmmm I have some work to do here.
  • Wrap food in wax paper rather than plastic. — I suppose we’ll have to get some masking tape to seal the packages?
  • Carry water from home in a stainless steel reusable container, rather than buy bottled water.  — I’ve been good about not buying bottled water, but let’s see if I can continue once the summer gets here.
  • Don’t use plastic utensils. — This summer I’m going to get a cheap set of flatware for outdoor eating, and wash and reuse them!

I got some other ideas (like reusing jars I already have rather than recycling.them) from The Plastic Free Guide.  While you are on the site, check out the blog too: My Plastic Free Life


16 responses to “Cutting out Plastics or Going Back to the 50’s

  1. Hey Grace! These are really simple changes that we all can make. Doesn’t take much to practice them as a habit. Since I make my own beauty products, I’ve replaced plastic containers with glass ones. Some health stores also offer biodegradable plastic bags and boxes to carry. Re-use and re-purpose things. It is the best way to keep landfills empty.

  2. I love these ideas and I’m going to check out the plastic free guide too!! Need to break out my reusable grocery bags again. 🙂

    • It’s amazing once you start looking around how much of what we use is plastic! As a matter of fact, I think my reusable bags have a plastic coating on them!!!

  3. GREAT suggestions. It’s so easy to not put much thought into what we do do on a day to day basis. This is certainly a great remember to do so. I use glass all the time in place of plastic. I also use the reusable paper bags when ever I can. But as you pointed out I can always do more. 🙂

  4. Hmm, we do some of these already but there’s always room for improvement. As to using wax paper, perhaps learning cool folding techniques would be helpful. Origami for leftovers?

  5. Nice post, Grace.

    I’m still bad about reusing plastic water bottles – I even drink out of them when they’ve been in a hot car, which is a real no-no.

    Here’s a family that lives in my town that practices Zero Waste: Check it out!

  6. Great ideas! I agree that it’s easy not to think about these things. I also need to check out Uzma’s site for the homemade beauty products! I will be more aware when I go to the grocery store this week, and pay attention to what comes in plastic containers and what doesn’t. Thanks!

  7. We collect reuseable bags it seems. The back of our car always has the bags for anytime we go to the store.

    • Yeah, I have about 5-6 bags in the back of my car. The trick is to remember to bring them into the store! I’ve gotten pretty good, but not great. What I have to do is force myself to go back to my car when I forget them so that I learn to remember them!

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