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More on Eating Vegan

In  my previous post I stated that reading, The China Study “changed my life”.  Perhaps you think this is a bit of an exaggeration.  Let me explain…

The book clearly outlines how consuming animal protein (meat and dairy products) leads to higher levels of heart disease, obesity, diabetes, cancer, autoimmune diseases and more.  The research makes it clear that ALL animal protein has this effect.  It is not just an indictment of fatty red meat.   Lean meat, chicken, turkey, fish, milk, cheese, eggs, you name it — all animal protein!

It isn’t just the fat and cholesterol in animal products that is dangerous to us, but rather the proteins themselves.  This is why the study that was done to test the effects of dietary fat on cancer, The Nurses Study, showed that dietary fat had NO relationship to the incidence of breast cancer.  The nurses in the study, while they reduced their fat intake,  all consumed a diet  high in animal protein.

And look at the population around us.  As we are obsessed with exercise and low-fat foods, we are getting bigger and unhealthier day by day!

What sort of diets do not contribute to these killing diseases?  Plant based diets–Vegan diets.  Research has shown that populations that eat a more plant-based diet (Thailand, Japan, the Philippines) have the lowest incidence of cancer than those who eat a more meat based diet (Netherlands, UK, Canada, and the US).

And so, based on this information and a lot more from the China Study, I have totally changed my diet to be near vegan.  I cut out all dairy products, including cream in my coffee and ice cream!  I cut out all red meat, I only have a small portion of organic chicken about twice a month., and I do still occasionally eat fish (about once a week).

Having  made these changes in my diet I have found that I have more energy, my skin is healthier, I haven’t gotten even so much as a cold, my running has improved greatly, and I lost 10 pounds!  So, yes, the information in The China Study  has changed my life!


Time to go Vegan

I recently read The China Study by T. Colin Campbell, PhD and Thomas Campbell, MD, and I can honesty say it changed my life!  I have read a lot of nutrition books (Super Immunity by Dr. Joel Fuhrman being another favorite of mine) and most of them refer back to The China Study so I thought I should find out for myself what it’s all about.

In a nutshell, the book if a compilation of a lifetime of research, including the most comprehensive nutritional study every conducted — The China Study.  The results are staggering in their simplicity:

There is a direct and significant correlation between the diseases that plague our modern world: cancer, heart disease, obesity, diabetes. cancer, and autoimmune diseases such as MS, and the amount of animal protein consumed;  specifically the protein found in dairy products.

The countries whose populations consume the most animal protein have the highest rates of these diseases.  Conversely, countries where they consume the most plant protein have the lowest incidence!  And this is not simply due to genetics.  When people from countries who eat a minimal amount of animal products move to an area where the western diet is prevalent, they too develop these diseases within one generation.

I highly recommend you read this book for yourself.  The evidence is compelling, and the story of how the food industry and government keep this information from the mainstream is eye-opening!

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