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Interval Training

 One of the “benefits” of being in a running club is the weekly track workout.  Tonight was track night.

This year I have gone to 100% more workouts than I did last year.  This isn’t saying too much as last year I only  went once!

Tonight’s workout was “mystery intervals”  What that meant was that rather than knowing ahead of time the length of each interval that we were going to run, we found out right before each interval.

Our first interval was a 400 followed by a 400 light jog.  As we finished the 400 “rest”, the coach called out our next interval — 1200 (3 laps around the track), followed by a 400 rest lap.  After that, an 800 interval/400 rest, another 800 interval/400 rest, and lastly a 400 interval, a 400 rest and DONE!

The workout was tough but I managed to pace myself and I felt good.  I think my mostly plant-based diet and yoga practice is having a positive impact on my running!




First Track Workout of the Season and New Shoes

Tonight I went to the first track workout of the season.  I was alternately dreading and looking forward to it.  Last year I only went a few times and each time it was hard.  But since tonight was the first night of the season, the coaches eased us in slowly.

We  warmed up by running 2 laps around the track, then we did a “pyramid” —

  • Ran a 200 (1/2 way around the track), jogged a 400 to recover
  • ran 400, jogged 400,
  • ran 800, jogged 400,
  • ran 400, jogged 400,
  • ran 200, jogged 400

It wasn’t so bad!  (Sure that’s easy for me to say now that I’m home and rested!).  Actually I was really pleased with how I did.  I didn’t go out too fast so I was able to finish each lap strong.  This is definitely an improvement over last year when I’d always go out wayyyy too fast and practically crawl in at the end.

Asics Nimbus 14

Plus, I got new running shoes Saturday and wore them tonight.  I have tried a bunch of different shoes, but these are  my favorite — the Asics Nimbus.  Lots of cushioning and the new model, the Nimbus 14 is quite a bit lighter (and a bit more expensive) than the Nimbus 13.

My new shoes and I are looking forward to next week’s workout!